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The Perfect Christmas Cheeseboard

Here at The Cheese Wedding Cake in Dorset, we have put together our top tips for creating the perfect cheeseboard this festive season.


How much cheese should you provide?

If you are looking to create a cheeseboard as part of a festive meal, then we recommend you allow around 100g of cheese for each person. If you are looking for a Christmas supper then allow each person approximately 150g each.


What cheeses should you buy?

We suggest creating a cheeseboard that offers hard, soft and blue cheeses. It is important to offer different styles, textures and flavours for the perfect cheeseboard. There are many wonderful British artisan cheeses, such as Tunworth, Colston Bassett Stilton and the very cute Cerney Ash Goats Cheese. For something different we recommend considering the wonderful Montagnolo Affine, Delice De Cremier and Vulscombe Goats Cheese.

How should you put the board together?

Sliced apple and figs are a great palette cleanser in between cheeses, while grapes have long been a favourite. We suggest adding depth by offering sliced charcuterie such as Wagyu Bresaola and Forest Pig truffle salami, aswell as luxury chutney such as the delicious Dorset Blue Woodbridge Chutney.


How should you store your cheese?

Once bought, each cheese should stay individually wrapped and will need to be refrigerated or stored in a cold room. Bring the cheeses out at least 2-3 hours before you plan to serve. This will allow them to come to room temperature and allow the flavours to unfold and strengthen.

Will a Cheese Christmas Cake offer a varied enough cheeseboard?

A Cheese Christmas Cake is a great idea to ensure you offer different styles, textures and flavours for your guests. The Boxwell Christmas Celebration Cake, £45, incorporates 3 wonderful cheese tiers of Baby Colston Bassett Stilton, Godminster Organic Cheddar and the creamy Dorset White. Feeding approximately 20 guests this is great value at just over £2 per head. Another firm favourite from The Cheese Wedding Cake is the Monkton Cheese Christmas Cake, offering 4 tiers of opulent artisan cheeses, ensuring you offer something a little different this festive season!