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Cheese of the Month – November

Truffle Gloucester

This opulent cheese is produced locally by expert cheese maker, Simon Weaver. The cheese is matured for up to 8 months, allowing the flavours to develop and intensify.The stunning Truffle Gloucester cheese is made using organic milk solely from the cheese makers herd of cows, before being infused with Truffle Hunter’s minced Black Summer Truffles (Tuber Aestivum).

The cheese has a striking line of black truffle running through the middle, which allows both the cheese and the black truffle to fully reveal their natural complexities, without overpowering each other.All the ingredients used in the cheese making process are vegetarian, including the rennet, making it a perfect choice for the finest vegetarian cheese wedding cake.

Here at The Cheese Wedding Cake in Dorset, we are proud to have selected the incredible Truffle Gloucester cheese in both the Beaufort cheese celebration cake and the Draycot Cheese Wedding Cake. The Beaufort Cheese Celebration Cake comprises of 3 additional wonderful artisan tiers, including Godminster Organic Cheddar, Cornish Yarg and the Mini Dorset Blue Vinny. The Draycot cheese wedding cake starts with the Truffle Gloucester, followed by Quickes Mature Cheddar, the third tier being the glorious Delice De Cremier, then comes the very cute mini Dorset Blue Vinny and finally the Cerney Ash Goats Cheese.

The Cheese Wedding Cake is honoured to work so closely with our wonderful Dorset and West Country cheese dairies, we are confident you will love our cheese celebration cakes just as much as we do! We offer nationwide delivery and pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. With over 10 years expertise we have lovingly selected an extensive range of cheese wedding cakes, perfect for your special day.

We love to talk cheese so please get in touch with one of our cheese wedding cake and cheese celebration cake experts, we are happy to answer any questions, however small.