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Cheese of the Month – February

Vulscombe Goats Cheese is made by hand by Graham and Jo Townsend, at their wonderful farm near Tiverton, Devon. This artisan cheese is made using pasteurised milk and a traditional rennet-free process. Unlike many other soft cheeses, it is pressed for 24 hours to reduce its moisture content, which also contributes to the rich, creamy, mild flavour.

The Cheese Makers use herbs which vary according to the season and are freshly picked from their garden. The milk used in the cheese is from a herd of goats in the stunning upper Exe Valley. Rich, creamy and mild in flavour, this cheese looks and tastes and amazing!

Here at The Cheese Wedding Cake in Dorset, we are proud to have selected the wonderful Vulscombe Goats Cheese for several of our Cheese Wedding Cakes, including the hugely popular Flixton Cheese Celebration Cake and the decadent Elcot Cheese Wedding Cake.